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Salvation Testimonies

From Lost to Found

By November 8, 2023No Comments

In John Newton’s famous hymn, Amazing Grace, we find the journey that describes those of us who know Jesus, “I once was lost, but now I’m found. Was blind, but now I see.”

How do people move from spiritual blindness to sight? So often God uses our brokenness. Denise had experienced much having been married to an abusive husband for 20 years, leaving that relationship along with losing residential custody of her children, paying child support on a limited income, and having to get necessary food from a local food pantry. Life was hard!

Then began the winds of blessing as Denise found and married a loving, caring man. Now that her needs were supplied, she began to give back by helping women who are where she once was – facing troubled times.

Denise had spent many years in the Catholic church and later in the Church of Christ. Both were good experiences, but she had not fully understood the good news of the Gospel. Then at the Paxton Community & Wellness Center Denise met Ruth! When Ruth invited her to do the Bible study Denise says, “I had no idea what I was signing up for!” She writes, “Ruth’s love for the Lord is amazing. As we started The Exchange Bible study it was a light bulb moment the entire way through.” Denise began to realize the power of the love of God and how very much He sacrificed for her. Never in her life had she understood the beauty of the gospel. It was on July 12, 2023 that Denise placed her faith in Jesus Christ.

Denise now lives in Manhattan, Kansas and faithfully attends Faith Baptist Church. “I am loved, cared for, watched over and held in the arms of God. I am going to Heaven! Nothing else matters!”

Ruth’s gospel witness and loving heart are such an inspiration! Let’s follow her example – Go and Tell!

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