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What is "The Exchange"?

The name for The Exchange carries with it the two ideas that are central to its mission. Christ’s exchange for our sins and our evangelistic exchange with non-believers.

First, it serves as a reminder of the Great Exchange that took place at Calvary. Jesus Christ exchanged His sinless life in our place on the cross. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior by faith, we exchange our sin-stained record of debt for His perfect righteousness.

With this glorious truth in our hearts and minds, we are called to preach the good news to all nations.

In practice, this requires a different kind of exchange. As we engage in relationships with others, we exchange their questions, struggles, and stubbornness with truth, love, and the gospel.

In the end, an exchange requires giving, receiving, and then giving again. Much like the race of life we are called to run in Hebrews 12, we have been handed the baton of faith from those who have run before us. The Exchange was created and designed to train up believers in our day who passionately and relationally seek to continue to run that same race and pass the baton of faith to others.

Meet Jeff and Anna

Jeff and Anna Musgrave have more than 30 years experience in pastoral ministry. Jeff holds his Master’s degree in Bible from Bob Jones University and received an honorary doctor of divinity in 2013. The couple planted Highlands Baptist Church in Centennial, Colorado, where Jeff served as pastor for 26 years before traveling the world, training believers in evangelism and discipleship.

Jeff and Anna’s passion for seeing lives transformed by Christ led them to develop a ministry of relational evangelism and discipleship training. Jeff’s pastoral background coupled with Anna’s real-life stories and experiences are the basis for the teaching they now hope to share with the world. Since founding the Exchange in 2010, Jeff and Anna have been equipping local churches and have been humbled to see God prepare Christians to relationally share the gospel for His glory.

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Evangelism is giving the gospel.

As Christians, we often try to overcomplicate this simple truth. Evangelism is not just passing out a tract, giving a testimony, inviting someone to church or being a good example. It is sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with someone who desperately needs to hear it.

The Exchange seeks to raise up believers who are confident in using the most effective means of evangelism the world has ever seen – relationships.

Isn’t this the pattern Jesus set for us? Christ entrusted the message of His atoning work to His closest disciples. This is why the most engaging evangelism takes place when believers give the gospel to the people in their sphere of influence – their friends, relatives, work associates, neighbors, and even strangers they meet each and every day.

We believe that:


Every believer must be prepared to give a thorough, compelling gospel presentation so that they can confidently engage in gospel conversations.

Evangelism and discipleship are vitally linked. The Great Commission is fulfilled only when unbelievers are saved, discipled, and added to a Bible believing church.

The local church is the venue for training believers to live the Great Commission, and pastors must ensure that the believers in their local assemblies are trained to reach the lost.

The ultimate goal in evangelism is to help assimilate those we lead to Christ into a local church where they can begin to grow and become personally involved in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Christians need to be equipped with the tools necessary to see their lost friends saved, whether that be a one-time presentation or an ongoing Bible study.

Spiritual multiplication, not addition, is the key to reaching the world with the gospel. Each Christian must be trained to give the gospel and disciple new believers who in turn go and do likewise.

The Exchange:
An Inquirer’s Bible Study

In our divided culture, where information overload is a daily reality, many are not ready to accept Christ after a one-time gospel presentation. Oftentimes those that consider themselves to be highly academic and postmodern must wrestle with the Scriptures over a period of time before admitting their need for a Savior. For inquiring minds like this, The Exchange: An Inquirer’s Bible Study is the best resource to guide someone logically and practically to the truth of the Gospel.

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