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Imagine having a well-illustrated, thorough, compelling, electronic gospel tract at your fingertips! Imagine sending your friends the gospel via your phone, tablet or computer! That’s exactly what The Exchange is developing.

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  • Digital & accessible – If you’re like most of us, we’re glued to our phones.  In this electronically oriented world, what better way to share a gospel tract than through your phone, tablet or computer?
  • Dual functionality – The app has both reader and presenter modes.
  • Scripture – Throughout the presentation the reader can click the more button to access additional scripture and answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Interactive illustrations will be used to make the gospel points crystal clear, minimize text and keep the reader engaged.
  • Personal connection – The tract can be personalized using your name and your friend’s name. Any time your friend has a question, she can click on your photo image and message you with a question or comment.
  • Progress – You will be able to see how far your friend has read. Perhaps when you see your friend has read the complete tract, you can message them with an invitation to discuss it over coffee.
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The Gospel

Are you looking for a clear presentation of what Jesus accomplished and how anyone can be forgiven of their sins? Whether you are familiar with the Christian faith or not, this video will provide a succinct and encouraging presentation of what God has provided in the exchange Jesus Christ made for us and what we are to do about it.

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