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Salvation Testimonies


By November 7, 2012August 12th, 2019One Comment

This week during our Exchange Seminar in Anderson, Indiana Jeff got the opportunity to preach to the “Keenagers” at Grace Baptist Church. One of the women raised her hand, wondering if she was saved. Diane and Don Hamm went to visit in her home today and Diane had the blessed privilege of leading her to Christ using the training she received this week. The woman is now excited to start Living the Exchange discipleship with Diane.

Diane was able to put the Exchange training to practice today, leading her friend to Christ!

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  • Diane Hamm says:

    Another update!!! My neighbor lady who is doing the Inquirer’s Bible Study was not 100% sure that she was saved. We were studying today Lesson 2 on God is Just. I was able to go through the GPS with her and she settled her question about her salvation.

    Another lady from Grace Baptist, Sharon Price (who also attended the Exchange Program) and I went to McDonald’s this afternoon with a lady who is unsaved that has been attending our church. Sharon and I were given the privilege to lead her to the Lord. Sharon will be starting the discipleship lessons with her next week.

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