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Salvation Testimonies


By November 4, 2014August 9th, 2019No Comments

BLog postLast week Anastasia was trained in evangelism. This week she enjoyed the life-changing experience of becoming a spiritual parent. Feeling concerned for one of her Russian friends, Anastasia invited her to do The Exchange Bible study. 2 hours later they began the study, but the challenging environment and language barrier made it difficult. Finally, Anastasia set aside the Bible study and gave this dear woman the gospel using the “GPS” (Exchange presentation tool). Due to the language barrier, they recorded the conversation so later she could listen to it again.

“I used every page of GPS, every example, visual  “the record”, and I even did the hand motions of “exchange+ paid in full”. I asked her if she is willing to accept the gift and receive Jesus. She said, “Yes, now!” She cried and prayed. I asked her the diagnostic question again. She answered, that she is  100% sure that all her sins are forgiven and that she has the eternal life. She said that today she got new life.
We checked the timer on the recorder: it was 115 min from the time I asked her about her relationship with God till the time she said she has a new life. God is Gracious!!!”

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