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Salvation Testimonies


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Jeremy Van Delinder, pastor of North Hills Baptist in Round Rock, TX writes,

A few months ago we told you of a woman named Esther who received assurance of her salvation through the Exchange. Although we had not seen Esther for over a year, it was a family difficulty that caused her to reach out to us. That tragedy was an adult son named Aden who was hospitalized with the prospect of not surviving.

Well, God did spare Aden’s life–not just his physical life, but for eternity. After he recovered, he and his family began attending our church. As we often do, we invited him and his wife, Misty, to go through the Bible Study. Misty, already a believer, was strengthened in her faith and knowledge of the gospel. Aden eagerly learned much through the study.

When we reached lesson four, Aden really began to see that he must trust Jesus ALONE for salvation. Sensing that this was his challenge I emphasized the need to abandon “our way” and trust Him completely with the “two chairs” illustration. Finally I asked Aden, “Has there ever been a time when you have stopped trusting in yourself and trusted in Jesus alone to save you from sin and hell?” His answer made me smile. He responded, “Yea, about five minutes ago when you used that illustration about the chairs!” What a joy to pray with him and listen to him verbalize his dependence on Jesus Christ!

After some tears and he and his wife embraced, he told me something else interesting. During lesson three, when asked if he had sensed any way in which God was drawing him, he had responded that he did not. Now that he had trusted Christ, he said that he would answer that question differently. He said, “had it not been for me getting sick, I might have never met you and gone through this Bible study.” He could now see God’s work in his life even through the tragedy.

This Sunday I had the privilege of baptizing Aden into our church with many members of his family in attendance.


Aden’s Baptism

Image 1

Esther – middle, Aden and Misty – left


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