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Salvation Testimonies


By May 23, 2017August 9th, 2019No Comments

Deanna & Jeff Bartlett from Anderson SC

We love getting stories from Deanna. We have many! The latest two include one of her own and a story of someone she trained. Enjoy and be inspired, as are we!

“Just to encourage! I taught the steps of the Exchange to a ladies class I teach at our new church. One of the ladies that took the class leads the Celebrate Recovery program. I challenged them to ask God to send them someone whom He is calling to salvation. She did and at the end of her CR class that night she led a lady to the Lord using the Exchange. She said it gave her confidence to share the gospel.

Also, I spent 3 hours with a new lady at our church this past Sunday. I noticed in her FB posts that she was headed down a bad road. She met with me and her struggle came down to her salvation experience which wasn’t based on the Gospel at all. I went through the Exchange (which I now have memorized 🙂 ) and she said she wasn’t sure of her salvation. She understood the way it was presented and accepted Christ.”

We praise God for Deanna’s faithful gospel witness!

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