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Salvation Testimonies


By March 27, 2013August 12th, 2019No Comments

MaryAnn rides a bus every Friday into Philly to pick up a special needs young woman who needs a nurse present.  For several weeks she had been talking to the bus driver about the Lord. The driver is religious, has a belief in God and says she reads her Bible daily. But she has no no understanding of salvation or a relationship with Jesus.

MaryAnn writes, “Last Friday we were making great time coming home and then zap, a huge traffic jam. I started doing the exchange and she began to realize some things. Please pray that God would touch her heart so that I could come to her house and do the Exchange Bible Study. I am excited. I’ve been discouraged with closed doors.Thank you for the prayers.”

Join us in praying for MaryAnn’s encouragement and this woman’s salvation!

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