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By May 9, 2018August 12th, 2019No Comments

Nike – It’s more than a shoe. It’s the Greek word for VICTORY, and victory was the topic for Jeff’s message at Westwood Christian school in March. Chapel was fun that day with a room packed full of eager students. But as Diego Rivera listened to the message, the Spirit of God was prompting his heart with questions about his soul; so he reached out to Jeff afterward. Together, they worked their way through The Exchange App and Diego’s life was forever changed as he put his trust in Jesus Christ.

His dream to play pro basketball is what brought Diego to Westwood Christian School. Who knows, he might just fulfill that dream. But without knowing Christ, no matter how successful Diego becomes in life, he would have been desperately wanting in eternity. But not now! Diego’s eternal destiny has changed.

*The Exchange App is ready to download. Search for Exchange Message in the app or google play store.



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