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Salvation Testimonies


By February 26, 2013May 23rd, 2019No Comments

One of the lies the evil one whispers in the ears of believers is that it’s hard to give the Gospel. It’s a great delight to help believers overcome this fear. Often after training believers at seminars we hear them say, “I can do this!” Of course, we know it’s God’s Spirit Who does the work, but He does choose to use us as mouthpieces!

Barbara Leisure from Anderson Indiana was trained at an Exchange seminar in November at Grace Baptist. She put the training to great use in the month of December when she gave the Gospel to 20 family members in her home. Her Grandson accepted Christ and his girlfriend reaffirmed her salvation. Now this young lady is beginning a Bible study with a friend. Barbara writes, “It is exciting to see how easy this Exchange is to present. Thank you for coming to Grace!”

When you hear that whisper, “You can’t do this.” Remember Barbara.

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