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Salvation Testimonies

From “I don’t believe in God” to “sisters forever”

By May 30, 2012May 23rd, 2019No Comments

Hudson from Northwest Vally Baptist Church in Glendale Arizona writes, “I go to an online school, and I don’t meet many people in person. A few months ago, the Lord gave me a chance to go to the YMCA each week to do school. That is where I met T____. As we talked, she told me she did not even believe in God. I asked her if she would be willing to do a Bible study with my and she said “yes”. I was very nervous, but the Lord helped me to talk to her. When we went through the first lesson, T____ was so surprised about almost everything. It was like a child finding candy! She was so excited. By the next time we did the second lesson, she said she wanted to be 100% sure, so we sat down and went through the GPS. By the time we finished, she knew 100%! I was ready to cry! Then she said “so we are like sisters now?” I gave her a huge hug and said “yes.”  She told me as we were leaving the YMCA that she could not wait to tell her dad all about it! We are still talking, and I am praying that we will have a lasting friendship growing! I praise the Lord for all He has done in my life and in hers!”

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