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Salvation Testimonies


By April 18, 2013August 12th, 2019No Comments

It was 10:00 am and I hurriedly ran down to the hotel exercise facility to get my daily exercise in before our afternoon tour of Boston. My face fell as I opened the door and realized that the one elliptical was occupied, leaving only a “dreadmill.” As I got on the machine, the middle-aged male occupant of the coveted elliptical began talking to me. Of all people, I know this may be a divine appointment. After all, I’m in evangelism training every week! Sure enough it was. We spent the 30 minute workout talking about the Theme of Themes. I wish I had initiated that conversation but the reminder was poignant: wherever I am, no matter what’s on “my” agenda, God has a divine agenda. I left that room, covered in sweat & breathless – in part because I’m out of shape but mostly because God is so awesome. He takes my breath away! – Anna

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