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Salvation Testimonies


By February 18, 2017August 9th, 2019No Comments

Torrey & Jalene Jaspers Faith Baptist of Longmont, CO

  • Grew up in church
  • Went to a Christian school
  • Rebellious
  • Expelled from school
  • Ungodly lifestyle

But even in this all too familiar scenario, NO-ONE is past God’s grace! Torrey Jaspers sent a beautiful story of the prodigal described here. Though this young man had twice made professions of faith, they had no impact on his life. “I have spent a quarter of my life already and I have nothing to show for it. I have a lot of knowledge about who God is, but I definitely don’t know him.”

It took two months to work through The Exchange Bible Study. As he put it, “I know all of this but I need to hear it all again so that I understand it.”

Torrey writes,

“When we finished the last lesson his conclusion was that to this point Christ had always been someone that he hoped would fix his earthly life problems, but, as he said, ‘I have never had a heart for God and I need a new heart.’ He understood the positional components of justification, but the idea of Christ becoming his life was a new component of the exchange that he did not understand.
It was so fun to hear him pour out his heart to the Lord desiring to know Christ and to follow Him.”
Christian, don’t give up! Some people have to come to the end of themselves before they really understand the gospel. There is hope!

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