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Relational Evangelism

Dying on the Hill vs. Attacking Others on the Hill

By April 11, 20242 Comments

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  • Mary Ann Robbins says:

    Yes,well said we must follow Christ’s example.

  • lynn applegate says:

    You’ve reminded me for the 2nd time this week what our greatest need is. We all need Jesus. That is our greatest need and needs to be the focus of all of our conversations regarding truth and salvation. Who better to show us how to conduct those conversations than the Prince of Peace, Jesus.
    On Sunday Pastor Brian spoke about the paralytic whose friends carried him to Jesus for healing. They lowered the paralytic through the roof and Jesus immediately said , “You have great faith. Your sins are forgiven. Pick up your mat and go home” The paralytic and his friends thought his greatest need was for healing, but Jesus knew his greatest need ( as is true for all of us ) was and is for the forgiveness of our sin. And that is possible only in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice and resurrection.
    Thank you, Jeff, for your podcasts and your ministry. They are great sources of instruction and encouragement in carrying out the great commission as Jesus commanded us.

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