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Salvation Testimonies


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IMG_0047“Sara and I became friends over the fence. I always shared my faith with her and always had an extended invitation for them to come to church with us. But I knew from things she told me that church was not something she thought she would ever do again. So I just tried to be a really good friend and interject the gospel and Gods word into any conversation we had and when I felt God leading me to. (which was many!!) I prayed for their family every day and began to see some softness to the idea of church. I honestly knew I should ask her to do the Exchange but since I had not taken the class I didnt feel equipped. So I just kept praying and having our Sunday school class praying for them as well. One day she called me and said, “Okay Jeremy and I both have had something brought to our heart that we need to tell you about…. We feel like we need to go to church.” I was so happy it struck me silent! They came with us a few Sundays later and I had a lot of people praying ahead of time. Pastor Todd introduced himself and asked about doing The Exchange with them. They began the Exchange Bible study and on the third lesson Jeremy was saved. And in that time Sara realigned her heart with God’s. We had a lot of rejoicing and crying happening that night when they came to pick up the kids and Jeremy told us of his decision.” -Miriam and Todd and Kim Curtis’ story.

Jeff and I were blessed to spend an evening with Todd & Kim Curtis and Sara and Jeremy, hearing their stories and rejoicing with them. Jeremy has been baptized and they are actively involved at Burge Terrace. Our takeaway – First of all, be a good neighbor! Second, if you don’t feel ready to study the Bible with a friend or give a Gospel witness, find someone to help you. I’m absolutely positive they’ll love helping you out.

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