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Salvation Testimonies

From 2.5 to 100%!

By November 5, 2018August 7th, 2019No Comments

It was with a little fear and trepidation that Beverly agreed to lead a Starting Point class at her church. Kirstin, a 47 year-old woman who had learned about Beverly’s church through a friend’s Facebook posts, joined the class. Beverly left every week “flying higher than a kite.” She knew God was at work in Kirstin’s life, but was not sure she had crossed the line of faith. Beverly shared this chart with Kirstin, asking her to identify where she was spiritually.

1 – Not a follower of Jesus

2 – Considering

3 – Recently made the decision to follow Jesus

4 – Made the decision sometime in the past

Kirstin honestly responded, “I’m a 2.5.” Then she quietly whispered, “Maybe a 3.” Knowing there was a life and death difference between 2 and 3, Beverly immediately thought of The Exchange: An Inquirer’s Bible Study. She had joined Exchange training years prior to this at First Baptist of Elyria, OH.

Kirstin had many lightbulb moments throughout the study. Beverly writes, “Romans 3:23 and Isaiah 64:6 especially hit her. She looked at me and said, “Well, you have just taken away anything I could have been standing on!”

Kirstin brought her 6-page typed story to the final Bible study, telling what was happening in her life that sent her looking for something and eventually finding Beverly’s church. She even told how she came to Christ. It was during the writing of her story that Kirstin understood and accepted the gift, the exchange, Jesus’ record for hers.

Beverly writes, “You can see how wildly exciting this story is! I am in awe at the work of the Holy Spirit! Kirstin was totally prepped by the Spirit, drawn by Him, and brought to an understanding of the truth over a six-month period of time. And though I invited her to attend church services in addition to the Starting Point class, I did not have to tell her to start reading the Bible, I did not point her to baptism, I did not tell her to pray, I did not tell her to serve … The Holy Spirit has been working through what His Word and what she is hearing at church and the women’s study.”


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