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Salvation Testimonies


By June 3, 2012May 23rd, 2019No Comments

Jim Oesterwind from Antioch, CA writes: “CJ and Erin put their trust in Christ alone for eternal life this evening during our first study of the Exchange. CJ is a mixed martial arts fighter and Erin teaches ESL to adults at night. Both are excited about being baptized a week from tomorrow.

Erin:  “Today, June 2, 2012 I got fully into the Jesus chair.  I made a decision to trust Jesus 100% and depend on Him instead of myself and the thoughts of this world.  I made the decision because I wanted to fully know that I would go to Heaven to be with Christ.  A happy relief is inside me knowing that I have His gift of eternal life.”

CJ:  “Today, June 2, 2012, I have come into salvation with Jesus Christ, truly understanding that I am a sinner and nothing I can do by myself could get me into Heaven.  From this day forward I am going to be truly relying on Jesus and living for His cause.  In the past I have known that I need to rely on Jesus, but I have not understood His Word.  I need to solely rely on Jesus, and now I do.  Praise God.”

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