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The Gospel at your fingertips!

By December 1, 2014August 12th, 2019No Comments

Imagine having a well-illustrated, thorough, compelling, elctronic gospel tract at your fingertips! Imagine sending your friends the gospel via your phone, tablet or computer! That’s exactly what The Exchange is developing.

  • ACCESSIBLE – If you’re like most of us, we’re glued to our phones. How neat would it be to have the gospel a swipe and click away? You can give the gospel anywhere you can send a simple link – text, Facebook or email.
  • SCREEN BASED – In this electronically oriented world, what better way to share a gospel tract than through your phone, tablet or computer? Remember, most young readers are consuming the majority of their content through a screen.
  • DUAL FUNCTIONALITY – The Gospel App will have both reader mode in which your friend can read through the gospel at his own pace – OR – presenter mode in which a believer can follow a minimized text & excellent illustrations to share the Gospel.
  • MORE BUTTON – Throughout the gospel presentation the reader can click the more button to access additional scripture and answers to commonly asked questions.
  • ANIMATED INTERACTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS will be used to make the gospel points crystal clear, minimize text and keep the reader engaged. (Watch the video link!)
  • PERSONAL CONNECTION – We’re really excited about this feature! The tract can be personalized using your name and your friend’s name. Anytime your friend has a question, she can click on your photo image and message you with a question or comment.
  • PROGRESS – You will be able to see how far your friend has read. If he’s not read anything, you can re-invite him. Or perhaps when you see your friend has read the complete tract you can message him with an invitation to discuss it over coffee.
  • CHURCHES or individuals can imbed the App into their websites, utilizing the full benefit of the App: Interaction with the gospel, engaging illustrations and potential connections with readers.

Would you consider patterning financially with The Exchange? Over the past 3 weeks God has provided $16,000 of the needed $30,000 through believers like you. Truly, this could be used to reach millions of unbelievers and empower untold numbers of believers to share the gospel more confidently.

Any amount helps and gifts are tax deductible.

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