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Salvation Testimonies


By March 20, 2012August 13th, 20192 Comments

Shortly after the Exchange Seminar at Northside Baptist in Charleston, SC, Nancy Jo attempted to do the Bible Study with a friend, but was, in Nancy Jo’s words, “shot down.” Today we rejoice with Nancy Jo! Eudora, the 20 year old daughter of one of her neighbors, accepted Christ after completing Lesson 3 of The Exchange Bible Study. She wants to attend Northside, but is unsure if her parents will agree. Nancy Jo and Eudora are walking together twice a week, and now they are planning to do Living the Exchange. We praise the Lord for Nancy Jo’s willingness to pursue this relationship and to persevere after her first disappointing try. She writes, “Eudora was thinking of going down the wrong path. One week her hair is purple and the next it is jet black. Her clothes are the Goth look. Please pray. I am very excited!!!” God delights in transforming lives! (Nancy Jo, on the right, is practicing the outline with her husband during our January training.)

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  • cathy pfost says:

    The Lord had a divine appointment for me 2 days after my training at Bethany Baptist Church (Pastor Tim Coley). I spent 3 hours on the phone with a friend and was able to use my GPS for the first time. My friend listened but did not yet receive Christ. When I go for walks around the reservoir where I live, I practice giving the Exhange with someone God has put on my mind. This is a profitable time for me to be prepared for the next time God blesses me with an opportunity.

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