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Salvation Testimonies


By October 1, 2016August 12th, 2019No Comments

13912440_1366204243408764_7031466682679498116_n-2The Lord has convicted me for years and years about not being the witness that I should, but it usually only resulted in giving out a few tracts just to help with the guilt, unfortunately. My goodĀ friends, Jeff and Deanna Bartlett, have been instrumental in training me to use your “exchange” materials in Deanna’s Bible studies last year and I was determined that I wouldn’t struggle with this the rest of my life, so I tried to own it. I was able to establish a contact with a 20-year-old girl (Kalene) that took my blood in a blood drive in the spring and I reconnected with her this fall. She agreed to go through the exchange with me and even brought along a friend for our “God meetings” šŸ˜Š It was such a great tool to be able to start from scratch and work so logically through the Gospel. I can be a very wordy and random person, so it has given me so much more confidence knowing I have a thorough, yet relatively concise presentation.Ā They both made professions of faith. KaleneĀ has been especially fruitful in her growth. She is like a little missionary now, so bold about her newfound faith and wanting all of her family and friends to understand the Gospel, too. She calls me her “God coach” and tells me about different friends of hers that need “God coaching”. I love her terminology! So, we have given out the “exchange” book to a guy friend, that friend that came with her to someĀ meetings and made a profession of faith.Ā Her grandma came to Deanna’s Bible study the last three weeks and had completed a portion of the exchange booklet. I am so excited to tell you that Deanna was able to lead her through the exchange after Bible study last night and she received Christ! When Deanna gave the illustration about the chairs, and demonstrated straddling both chairs, her countenance changed and she got emotional, realizing that that is where she was – putting her faith in Christ and herself! She accepted Christ last night and Kalene said “one down, a million to go”! I can’t imagine The feeling that she has knowing that most everyone she knows is probably not saved.

Also, a friend of mine and I get to teach six middle school students from the public school across the street in a “released time” program. A couple weeks ago, I was able to present the exchange to them, and it was awesome to see theĀ roomĀ begin to understand the Gospelā€¦ especially when I did the columns and exchanged the names. At that moment, two of the boys said “I get it now!” šŸ˜ŠĀ Every time I do those columns, I get choked up because it’s such an amazing visual! That illustration has revolutionized my witnessing! When I did that with Kalene, she got teary-eyed and said “So Jesus took the rapĀ for me?!” LOVE it! It seems like it’s always a lightbulb moment.

I finally feel like I’m alive as a Christian and actually starting to fulfill the great commission that I’ve been so lax in most of my life.

Tina Parry, Anderson, SC