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Salvation Testimonies


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Joy, a teen from Bay City Baptist in Green Bay, shared this story, “I have some very exciting news to tell. In the past month or so I met my friend’s friend from Austria (Sarah).  I kept seeing her over several weeks and decided to invite her to the revival meetings.  She came and understood what salvation meant, but wasn’t quite ready to get saved.  I kept pursuing her, and invited my very close friend Ellianna and Sarah for a bonfire yesterday.  Before they came, I had asked her if I could share the GPS (an Exchange Gospel tool) with her before we had dinner yesterday.  She was very willing to listen, so I did tell her.  We went through the whole gospel.  We talked for well over an hour, and I answered some questions she had.  I asked her if she wanted to make the decision to put her trust in God alone to save her, and she did.  I told her the best way to do that is to talk to God and tell Him that she wanted to accept the gift He was offering to her.  She asked if she could pray silently so she did.  After that, I just asked her what she had said and she told me.  She understands everything very well!    I’m trusting that she truly did come to Christ yesterday.  God knows her heart.  Praise the Lord for a new child of God!”

Joy (Left), role playing at an Exchange Seminar

Joy (Left), role playing at an Exchange Seminar

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