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I knew I would write this story. I just didn’t know when!

A dear friend invited us to join her in praying for the salvation of one of her patients. Because of confidentiality laws his name could not be disclosed, so we dubbed him Mystery Man.

Life has been hard for this middle-aged man. No-one wants the diagnosis of MS – but for someone without Christ, it can be especially devastating. Anger, questions, bitterness – these emotions and more have been Mystery Man’s experience.
K__ has faithfully shared the gospel over many, many months. Recently Covid hit him hard. K__ was concerned about his breathing and fearful because he still had not accepted Christ.

And then came the text today, “Mystery Man just got saved!!!! I led him through your Exchange app. He said his own prayer though. It was the most sincere, humble, funny prayer I’ve ever heard.”

Mystery Man’s life has changed! No more suicidal thoughts. He’s eliminating things from his old way of life without a single nudge from

Friends, many of you are sharing the gospel with people in especially difficult situations. Don’t give up! Remember, God is Greater. The Gospel is powerful!

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