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Salvation Testimonies


By April 9, 2019August 12th, 2020No Comments

The day following our Exchange Seminar in Bedford, Virginia we received an amazing story from a young man in our training. Enjoy! Patrick & Candice came to know the Lord through a persistent pastor who just kept returning to their home to invite them to church. Hats off to Pastor Greg Rogers! After visiting church once, a long time passed…no Patrick and Candice. When it was time for VBS, Pastor Rogers tried once again and in the course of the conversation with Candice she explained the reason they hadn’t returned to church: “We’re intimidated.” Well, they did return to church and eventually both of them trusted Christ. Their lives have been turned right-side up as God has delivered them from alcohol, drugs and worldly vices. Patrick writes: The Exchange seminar was such an encouragement to my family. So much so that Logan, our middle son, actually led his friend to Christ – a kid we watch after school.  He used the GPS and is starting the Bible study with him today.  They were both so excited! Logan has been trying to lead someone to the Lord and now he has the tools! We draw two great lessons from this story!

  • Young people can lead a thorough, compelling gospel conversation.
  • Remember that unbelievers sometimes feel intimidated by Christians. Just recognizing this possibility reminds us to be transparent and welcoming!

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