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Sharon was leading us to classrooms on the campus of a mountain college outside Cagayan De Oro. The Campus was large and the students were spread out. It was late in the afternoon and very few classrooms were being used. I was following the group making sure everyone was together when I casually asked a student if there were any classes being held upstairs in the building we were leaving. They said, “Maybe one.” Normally I would let our local leaders find the classes, but I felt drawn to investigate. I told Sharon where I was going and headed up the stairs. Walking down the quiet corridor I searched several empty rooms before I came upon a room with 14 students and a teacher.
A cool quiet breeze was flowing through the room as I gave the Gospel in a conversational voice. It was pleasant and the Spirit was clearly working in hearts. I cried as I invited them to trust Christ. 13 of the 14 chose to take Christ as their Lord and Savior. God is calling men and women to Himself and leads us to them. He had 13 He was drawing in that upstairs room and directed me to them. What a blessing to be used by Him.

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