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Salvation Testimonies

ONE MORE!!!!!!!

By May 3, 2014August 9th, 2019No Comments

Deanna woke up to this email from a friend she was privileged to mentor & train in the Exchange: “I delivered the exchange, and she received.” The woman Deanna’s friend shared the Gospel with was “raised Jehovah’s Witness but still felt empty and reckless.”

Deanna inspires me. We’ve received many stories of women she has led to Christ. But this one is special because she trained her young friend to give the Gospel, and now Deanna is experiencing fruit from that training. The potential of evangelism training is exponential. Deanna’s friend put it this way, “Thank you so much. If God hadn’t placed you in my life the time He did, this may not have happened & I’m just so overjoyed right now.”


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