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Salvation Testimonies


By June 9, 2017August 9th, 2019No Comments

A few years back a woman who had just joined Calvary Baptist of Alachua asked prayer for her unsaved husband, Michael, and her son. When Michael had to go into the hospital for surgery Marty asked if he could pray with him, and he agreed. During Michael’s rehab Marty faithfully visited him each week. As Michael was getting ready to be discharged Marty invited him to do The Exchange Bible Study. He said YES! Several weeks later we got a very excited call from Marty as he was leaving Michael’s home having just led him to Christ. They had just gathered together for a prayer of thanksgiving, and when it came to Michael’s turn he thanked God for his new salvation and prayed, “Lord, please save our son!” A burden for this lost family member was clear evidence that Michael was a new man.

This story reminded us of the need to be patient with lost souls. This man’s heart opened to the gospel when he became a “patient.” Indeed, physical needs often soften hearts. We were also reminded of the power of a praying wife.

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