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Salvation Testimonies


By March 30, 2014August 12th, 2019No Comments

Dave & NancyDon’t you love it when door-to-door salesmen come to the door?! My wife Nancy answered the door and after a nice talk with NaToshia called for me to decide what to buy, or how to say no. After telling NaToshia that I couldn’t buy anything today (maybe next week), we got talking about her background – pretty rough! Now she is with a program that was trying to teach her how to work and earn money. Nancy told her I was a preacher and it opened the conversation to spiritual things. After asking her about church and telling her that the most important thing is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I told her about Jesus’ promise in John 1:12 – “as many as received him, to them gave he the power to become a son (child) of God.” Having been put up for adoption by her drug addicted parents, and then going through some good (but some abusive) foster care, she seemed very intrigued about being a part of God’s family. God obviously prepared her heart and Nancy and I had the privilege of inviting her in to hear the Gospel. She listened intently as we went through the Exchange GPS pamphlet and then she prayed to trust Jesus as her Savior! She left rejoicing – clinging to the GPS and New Testament I gave her. She promised to come to church tomorrow – pray that she will, and that we can have a good discipleship time with her. She said that she almost didn’t come down our street, but “something” seemed to urge her to turn and come to our home. We are rejoicing with the angels in heaven! Praise the LORD!


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