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Salvation Testimonies


By September 9, 2011May 23rd, 2019One Comment

I just got an this email from a woman in the South who led her friend to the Lord while doing lesson 2 of The Exchange Bible study. She did not get to attend The Exchange training at her church a couple of months ago, but her husband did, and taught it to her.

She wrote, “It was a beautiful thing that I was not worthy of. We had gone through the lesson for about 2 hours. She got to the part that asked her where she would spend eternity if she died right now and she paused and whispered, “Hell”. She stopped and said, “I know I need to make this decision but I can’t. I have some reasons.” I then asked her to share those reasons. It was fear of what family would think and that she couldn’t live up to the commitment. She started to cry. I then paused and begged God to show me what to say. He gave me words that I could not have come up with on my own. She said she needed to use the restroom. She went and I went to the other restroom, closed the door, fell on my knees and begged God to give her faith to believe. I claimed Jesus and rebuked the forces of fear and doubt that the accuser was throwing her way.

We came back to the table and she said I don’t know what just happened as we went to the bathroom, but I am ready to make the decision. “What do I do?” …those words were better to me than all the riches in the world.

I took her hands and led her in the sinners prayer. She paused when she was to repeat “Lord, forgive me”. I looked up and she had tears streaming down her face. I said, “He is ready to forgive you.” She then said, “Oh, father, forgive all of my sin,” and finished the rest of the prayer.

We looked up and she had the biggest smile on her face and said, “What do I do now”.
I welcomed my sister into the family and explained how I would walk with her on this journey.

THANK YOU! I am completely convinced that your prayers were instrumental in her salvation. There was a war raging and I FELT IT. I took great confidence in knowing that I had an army of people praying for me.

I am praising God for the tools (THE EXCHANGE). Thank you Jeff Musgrave. I am praising God for Womens LIFE Fellowships supporters that made it possible for me to spend 3 hours with her today.

I am praising God for answering my prayer 2 weeks ago when I asked Him to bring someone my way to lead to Christ. I am praising HIM for doing the work that I could not do in myself.

Send me another one God!!!”

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  • I wanted to give an update on this lady. I have been meeting with her every Wednesday since her salvation in September. We are going through the “Living the Exchange”. She attends my ministry’s Bible study every Monday night. I also helped her find a good Bible church to attend. I went with her a few times and introduced her to the pastor and some of the people in the church. Praise the Lord, this Sunday she is going to be baptized and join the church. She is also reaching out to friends and family. Her growth has been amazing. As soon as she learns something about what God desires, she takes the step of obedience. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her.
    Thank you for this ministry

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