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Salvation Testimonies

Sometimes It Takes a Team!

By November 13, 2019One Comment

Sometimes, as in this brand-new story, it takes a team of believers to reach the lost. Enjoy this story from Dwight and Grace Schultz in Sterling Heights, MI.

Elton’s brother is a believer living in Arizona concerned about the souls of his brother and sister-in-law – Elton and Ashley. Four years ago when this young couple moved in across the street from First Baptist of Sterling Heights, his brother connected him with Pastor Dwight and the church began to pray for their salvation. Occasionally they would visit, floating in and out of church. When Elton and Ashley would visit church, Beth, a faithful member of Sterling Heights, took their three children under her wing and just loved on them every chance she got.

Recently in preparation for The Exchange training Pastor Dwight would go around the room during Wednesday night prayer time asking each person to pray for one specific person with whom God might allow them to arrange an Exchange Bible study. Several times Grace, Dwight’s wife, prayed for Elton and Ashley. Guess who showed up in Dwight’s office seeking marital guidance? Elton and Ashley! God was at work, drawing them to Himself. Dwight shared that the only real solution he could offer would begin with a relationship with Christ. They agreed to do an Exchange Bible study. After two lessons, Elton wanted to stop, but Ashley wanted to continue. As Ashley read the story of the prodigal son, she began to weep – desperately desiring the forgiveness the prodigal son experienced. That was the day she placed her trust in Jesus. Two weeks later, after seeing how joy-filled his wife has been since trusting Christ, Elton made a profession of faith. When Beth learned of their salvation she was absolutely overfilled with joy.

Sunday morning, November 10, we were blessed to meet this young couple, and we marveled at how God used Elton’s brother, the love Beth showed the children, the prayers of Grace, the witness of Pastor Dwight and the Bible study to bring this couple to Christ.

Indeed, some plant, others water but God gives the increase. May God give us grace to do our part in seeing those we care about come to know the forgiveness found in Christ alone.



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  • Carol Shelton says:

    Prayer. So important in winning the lost! I stand amazed at ‘coincidental’ answers in my prayer life. Only recently started praying seriously for specific people and my mouth dropped open to hear a distant alcoholic niece (I have been praying for) was being asked by her brother to visit their church.

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