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Evangelism Tips


By January 11, 2013August 12th, 2019No Comments

This morning we received yet another request for The Exchange Gospel presentation for children. Kristin, from Abide Bible Church in Issaquah WA, writes, “My third grade daughter has been praying for 2 years for her friend to be saved.  She has witnessed to him several times, and it seems as if he is opening up to it.  As I was reviewing the Exchange with her tonight, I thought it would be nice if there was a children’s version of the GPS  which they could use to share the Gospel with their friends. At Abide we are teaching and training even the youngest kids to be witnesses.  It would be so great to have a children’s GPS!!!!

Those of you who follow this ministry and pray, please join us in praying that God enables us to produce a children’s version of the Gospel presentation and a visual tool that will help young people live Great Commission lives.

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