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Salvation Testimonies

The Exchange in Ireland

By January 24, 2018August 9th, 2019No Comments

Steve and Brandie McKinley are ministering in Ireland, and The Exchange is grateful to partner with them in evangelism! Pictured you’ll see a pile of Exchange Relationship Gospel tracts ready to be distributed. Following is a story of a soul saved as a result of their outreach!

“It is our profound joy to report that Brandon & Hannah have trusted the Lord as their Savior.  We initially met them on a main street in Navan while distributing tracts.  They needed to make some changes in their lives and wanted to learn more.  They agreed to do a four lesson Exchange Bible study. Slowly, we worked through the lessons and answered their many questions. Finally, we held our fourth study on Thursday before Christmas in my new office in Navan.  What really made the difference for them, besides coming to a full understanding of salvation, was learning that true faith involves dependence beyond mere understanding and agreement.  Through the clear leading of the Holy Spirit, they both acknowledged their need to repent and depend on Christ alone, and then they bowed their heads and prayed.  Hallelujah!   On New Year’s Eve, they came with us to a college-age fellowship at the Good News Baptist Church in Mullingar where they shared their salvation testimonies along with several other young people who have recently trusted Christ.  We should not be surprised at God’s providential working, but we are nevertheless, totally amazed.  We know there is now much work and prayer needed to “teach them all things.” – Steve McKinley

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