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The Exchange in Russian

By June 26, 20212 Comments

This story begins with a providential phone call. I was busily returning emails and phone calls after having been in Kenya for mission work. Upon dialing this particular number, I had no idea I would be speaking to a wonderful missionary in Georgia – the country of Georgia. Previously, he had translated The Exchange into Georgian. The morning I called he had just said to his wife, “I need to speak with Jeff Musgrave.” He wanted permission to translate The Exchange into Russian. We share his passion for world-wide missions and were more than glad to grant permission for this project.

This week we received this email – “I did manage to locate an EXCELLENT translator who is willing to translate the material into Russian for us. If, in the future, you have a request from others seeking a Russian / Georgian translation, we should have both on hand and would be glad to pass on the information.”

“Thank you for your ministry of evangelism and equipping the saints. I’m finishing up lesson #4 tomorrow with a group of about 15-16 teens many of whom are unsure of their salvation or unsaved. It is a great blessing to have these materials to assist us in spreading the “good news” here in Georgia.”

These days may seem dark with political, social and even religious unrest; but God is at work, supernaturally reaching hearts all over the world. May we join His grand plan to seek and save the lost!

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  • Dinara Mamadjanova says:

    Greetings! I’m leading the Exchange Bible study with a Russian speaking individual. Will it be possible to obtain the inquirers copy in Russian language? Thanks

    • anna.musgrave says:

      Hello, Dinara. I apologize for not answering sooner. I just saw this in the back end of the website. I wish we had the study in Russian, but we don’t. I’m so sorry.

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