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Salvation Testimonies


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Jon & Joy Fry

Jon & Joy Fry

What happens when you’re looking for gospel opportunities?

Jon Fry from Grace Bible Church in Massachusetts was praying & sharing the gospel in hopes that someone would be curious enough to do The Exchange Bible study with him. Jon writes,
“Laura and her son, David, came faithfully to our Sunday morning services for about two months.  When I offered the Exchange Bible study to them, they agreed.  I was surprised because my faith is small.  Laura seemed especially excited to be learning God’s Word for herself.  She would do the lessons well ahead of time.  I believe she trusted Christ in her home as she studied lesson 4.  Her new life was apparent when she attended church the next Sunday and enjoyed the singing for the first time.  She thought she was a good person and was only coming to church for her son.  God revealed her sinfulness and hopelessness through the Exchange Study.  She has repented and fully trusted Christ alone.  3 weeks after her salvation, she gave testimony to God’s saving grace in her life and was baptized in our church

Dao grew up in a Buddhist home, but wanted to know more about Jesus.  In writing about his salvation and baptism for a church membership class, he stated that he was baptized in an LDS church as a teenager and thought he was a follower of Christ.  He has been coming to our church for the past 3 months. He wanted to join our church, but without a clear testimony, I decided to meet with him.  In meeting with him, I asked if anyone had ever shared the whole plan of salvation with him.  He said no, but was very concerned about his sin.  I used the Exchange GPS tract and gave him the choice to accept Christ right now or wait to think about it.  He was ready to trust Christ right then, not wanting to wait another minute.  He is now going to the do the Exchange Bible study as a follow-up to his salvation.  On his own, he rewrote his testimony for church membership and baptism.  His testimony was as clear as possible with many verses to back up his decision to repent and believe the Gospel.

Our church is praising the LORD for allowing us to see two adults get saved in the same week and be baptized just weeks later.  They are both eager to grow and follow the LORD!

We could not be more appreciative for the clear Gospel presentation in the Exchange materials.  Thank you Jeff and Anna for your ministry to our church, all for His glory!”

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