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Salvation Testimonies


By March 12, 2018August 9th, 2019No Comments

Angie L, Wanda R

As believers, we sometimes get the idea that evangelism is something that takes place on Saturday morning or Tuesday evening – a program. Please don’t misunderstand. There’s nothing wrong with a visitation program. In fact, it’s necessary to reach out to our communities and honor our church guests with a visit. But real personal evangelism is 24/7. It’s giving the Gospel to those in our sphere of influence. Wanda Mortensen from First Baptist of Westwood Lake in Miami is a wonderful example of this. Angie (pictured here) works in the kitchen at First Baptist. Guessing that she did not know Christ as her Savior, Wanda reached out to her. Last November they did The Exchange Bible study together and Angie was saved. We were very blessed to meet Angie two weeks ago because not only has she been saved, but she is attending church.

Wanda recently led her neighbor to Christ and is now planning to disciple her. What an inspiration to reach out to the people in our lives and give them the Good News. This is 24/7 evangelism!

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