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Salvation Testimonies


By March 7, 2018August 9th, 2019No Comments

Paola (R), Isabel & the Tabernacle

“Is that lego?” asked Isabel.
“No. Would you like me to show you what it is?” replied Paola.
This is how an amazing gospel encounter began as two school moms began this interesting conversation. Paola took her plastic replica of the Old Testament tabernacle and skillfully illustrated God’s holiness, justice, love and grace – The Exchange. Thus began Isabel’s interest in the gospel, eventually leading to studying The Exchange Bible study together. Isabel put her trust in Christ, and is actively attending First Baptist of Westwood Lake in Miami Florida, and it all started with a plastic replica of the tabernacle!
But the story continues! Paola began a Bible study with four school moms, and Isabel, our brand new believer, calls the study, “God is faithful.” Indeed, He is!

I’m pretty sure we will be hearing more evangelism stories soon from this wonderful Bible study.

May Paola’s story inspires all of us to turn ordinary, everyday conversations into gospel opportunities. From lego, to the tabernacle, to Jesus. Amazing!

Paola’s Exchange Bible Study


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