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Salvation Testimonies


By February 20, 2018August 9th, 2019No Comments

Does our faith show up 24/7? This story from Joy in Frederick, Maryland reminds us that the littlest things we say can open big gospel doors.

Joy was shopping at a new mattress store in her community where she met the owner. Joy couldn’t take advantage of the stellar deal he offered her until she spoke with her husband. The owner told Joy he would honor the offer but could not guarantee that the mattress would still be available. Her faith-filled response really impacted this gentleman: “If the Lord wants us to have it, it will still be here.” The day before Easter Joy returned to the store to purchase the mattress, and she invited the owner to church. The entire family of six was in church the following Sunday. This gentleman raised his hand at the invitation, indicating that he was unsure of his eternal destiny. Pastor Kent invited him to do The Exchange Bible study to which he agreed. After lesson 3 Mike decided he didn’t want to wait another week. He was ready to place his trust in Christ! Week 4 was a time of confirmation and rejoicing. Since that time this lovely family has faithfully been in church.

Everywhere God is drawing people to Himself. May we be like Joy & Kent, speaking of Him in everyday life and reaching out to people with the hope of the gospel.

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