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By September 15, 2015August 9th, 2019No Comments

11891105_10153604504449301_140737347671234050_n-300x300Lydia, a wonderful believer who joined our August Exchange training in New Zealand, is quite the go-getter! Even before the seminar ended she had begun the Exchange Bible study with one of her friends. We just got an exciting Facebook message from Lydia. She says it best, “I rejoice to share with you that following the four lessons of The Exchange and ladies’ retreat the next weekend, Micaela accepted Christ…. She has already shared her love for God publicly and is very keen to come to church for all the services as well as continuing on to do Living the Exchange…Thank you for obeying God’s leading to come to NZ. My walk with God has grown so much through this.”

The value of one soul simply cannot be measured – it is so great! Though we are certain to hear more stories from The Exchange New Zealand mission work, if Micaela is the only person who trusts Christ it will have been worth every ounce of effort and expense.

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