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Salvation Testimonies


By August 19, 2015August 12th, 2019No Comments

Call me a doting grandmother if you want, but this evangelism story has kept me smiling all week. We recently returned from our summer mission work, and our eldest granddaughter had a story to tell. It went something like this –

“Grandma, I saved my best friend!” (Her terminology might not have been theologically accurate, but you get the idea!)

Me, “You did? Tell me about it.”

Karis, “Well, I really want my friend to be in heaven with me, so first of all I had to change the conversation from cats to God. Then I told her that if she didn’t get saved she’d go to hell; but if she put her trust in Jesus we could be in heaven together FOREVER!” (Wish you could hear her passion…)

Karis’ friend responded, “I need to go take a nap.” Sounds random, but actually instead of napping she went home, got down on her knees beside her bed and prayed to trust Christ as Savior.

Keep in mind that all summer they’ve had neighborhood kids’ club and Karis’ friend has been hearing the gospel. My take away? Sometimes we make evangelism complicated, finding it hard to get into the gospel. I guess the real issue is, do we care enough? When we really care, we’re going to find a way to get into the gospel. DSC_4278

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