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Salvation Testimonies


By July 7, 2015August 12th, 2019No Comments

11655274_870774842971425_2083192396_nOften we isolate evangelism to an event at church on Saturday morning or Tuesday afternoon. Not so with Tara Mosier. In fact, not long ago we shared Tara’s story of knowing she was moving away from wonderful neighbors, being concerned about their souls and inviting them to do a group Exchange Bible study. It was so worth it! You’ll literally feel Tara’s excitement as you read the rest of her story!

“I can’t contain my excitement!!!!! My Japanese neighbor just placed her full dependence on Christ!!!! We had such a wonderful study together this morning and it was so obvious as we went through it that the Holy Spirit was giving her understanding of things that she had not understood before!!!! Thank you for all your prayers!”

As you walk or drive by your neighbor’s homes, pray for them and ask God how you can share the best thing that ever happened to you with them. We’ve been doing The Exchange with our neighbors. How about you?

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