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Salvation Testimonies

A Spiritual Birthday!

By June 4, 2018August 9th, 2019No Comments

Birthdays! What cause for celebration! But a spiritual birthday is even greater cause for celebration – the beginning of life that never ends. On May 31 at 11:00 a.m. Len was born again and Ron Perry, all of us at The Exchange along with a myriad of angels in heaven express our joy!

Is there any joy greater than leading a soul to find eternal peace with God? If you’ve never had this privilege, considering using The Exchange Bible study. This simple 4-lesson Bible study is an introduction to Who God is and how to have a relationship with Him. Len is one of many who have placed their faith in Jesus as a result of believers like Ron Perry in Folsom, CA who take the time to study God’s Word together with an unbeliever.

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