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Salvation Testimonies

“We want to know God!”

By June 5, 2018August 9th, 2019No Comments

It was Easter Sunday of 2016 and Pastor Ramler was doing what all believers should do – he engaged church guests in conversation! He asked a simple question which led to an amazing relationship, “How did you find our church?”

“We googled baptist churches nearby.” was Nicole’s response.

In the course of this conversation Taylor explained that they wanted to know God. Pastor Ramler seized this opportune moment to invite Taylor and Nicole to do a Bible study which would help them know God.

Their schedules were busy, and the only time they could get together was Sunday afternoon – sometimes a difficult time for pastors – but Pastor Kent and Joy were more than glad to make it work. Dinner and Bible study Sunday afternoon at the parsonage became a regular occurrence over the next few months. Taylor shared that The Exchange Bible study presented a wonderful platform to ask questions like, “How can you know for sure there really is a God?”

After lesson 3 Taylor was really close to trusting Christ, but Nicole still had some reservations. Between lessons 3 and 4, unbeknownst to each other, they both prayed privately and put their trust in Christ. During lesson 4 with Pastor Kent and Joy they shared that each of them had recently trusted Christ on their own. It was a time of great rejoicing. Since that time they’ve been baptized and faithfully attend People’s Baptist Church. Today they surprised us by treating us all to lunch as their way of saying thank you to the Ramler’s for mentoring them and to Jeff for writing The Exchange. Truly, this story made our day.

What reminder of the many guests who visit our churches looking for answers to the major questions of life. May we be like Pastor Ramler and seize these amazing opportunities.

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