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Salvation Testimonies

Breakfast and Bible Study! What Better way to start the day?

By April 1, 2020No Comments

Dr. Sam and his son

Sam is a medical doctor in Grand Rapids, MI. After joining Exchange training at Kentwood Baptist in February, Sam prayerfully wrote Eric’s name on his Find Five list. Like so many, Eric was experiencing the anxieties of life, and Sam sensed his need for a relationship with Jesus. Sam asked Eric to share breakfast with him, and his segue into inviting Eric to study was definitely led by God.

“Guys never read the owner’s manuals, and God gave us a very precise owner’s manual that answers all those questions we’re too proud to ask.”

This made sense to Eric, so they decided to meet at Eric’s chiropractic office to study the Owner’s Manual! With Bibles laid out on the exam table, they began to study every Thursday morning. Eric used his keepsake Bible, passed down from his grandfather, though up to that point he did not understand the power of its contents.

After studying Lesson 2 on God’s Justice, Eric brought up an interesting question, “Do you think COVID-19 could be a judgment from God because mankind would certainly deserve it?” By the end of Lesson 4 Eric understood his predicament and was ready to solve it. He prayed for God to save him from the penalty he deserved, to satisfy the debt he could not pay. Eric trusted Jesus with his eternity!

“What do I do now?” was Eric’s first question. Since they are both doctors, Sam wisely offered to read together and discuss the Bible books written by the physician, Luke – Luke and Acts. Friends, would you pray for Eric’s growth and that his wife and children will come to know the hope found in the Owner’s Manual – God’s Word?

We can learn so much from this story of a doctor whom God is using to meet both physical and spiritual needs. Common Interests, friendship and a friendly invitation to breakfast are elements from this story that remind us to

  • Pray for lost friends
  • Purposefully strengthen the relationship
  • Capitalize on common interests
  • And what better way to begin a gospel conversation than over breakfast?!




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