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Salvation Testimonies

Grace is onto something!

By April 14, 2020No Comments

Are there people in your life who need the gospel but you’re not quite sure how to overcome the problems of social distancing?

Dwight and Grace are getting creative, and so can you!

They have prayed for an opportunity to do an Exchange Bible study with their friends and neighbors, *Jeff and Mandy. Before their city faced COVID-19 restrictions, Grace and Mandy joined a community yoga class and drove together each week. When the doors closed due to the pandemic, they would do yoga together at home. This opened the door for Grace to ask if Mandy would be willing to study together. Before the answer to this question had been, “We’ll see” but this time it was, “Yes!”

The first lesson was an eyeopener. They had used the word holy but had never really understood its full meaning. God is at work in their lives, unveiling this truth about God.

Then pandemic restrictions became tighter, but Dwight and Grace didn’t postpone and they didn’t give up. They became creative! Using Facebook Messenger, they have now studied all the lessons and Jeff and Mandy are contemplating what they will do with Jesus.

This is a story in process, and we pray Jeff & Mandy will find hope in a relationship with Jesus; but we share it now to remind you – Be Creative. This is a scary time, especially for people who don’t have the comfort of a relationship with Jesus. Many people have time on their hands with less to do and nowhere to go. Don’t let this time slip away without sharing the powerful gospel with people who need hope!

(Gotta love this picture! It’s what we’re all doing right now!)

*The names in this story have been changed.


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