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Salvation Testimonies

An Elderly Woman Finds Hope

By May 6, 2020No Comments

Alisa writes from Brooklyn, NY:

“What a joy it has been to do The Exchange with an elderly lady named Roseann.” Due to physical decline at the age of 85, years had gone by in which she had not read the Bible. She was also associated with a works-based religion which left her very confused.

But God was at work in her life. She began seeking Christian fellowship and Bible study, so Alisa began The Exchange Bible study with her. She was not sure if Roseann needed assurance of salvation or if she needed to be saved.

Over the four times they met, Roseann read through the entire Exchange six times by herself, not including the times they met to study together. Upon Alisa’s urging, Roseann also read from the Book of John all the way through to Thessalonians.

As they began to focus on 1 John 5:13, Roseann brought up how she loved The Exchange because it was easy to understand and the illustrations were helpful. She is now certain she is trusting in Jesus alone, and she has fallen in love with reading the Bible: “It’s God speaking right to me!”

There are Roseann’s in every community – people who are seeking the Truth. With the fear and uncertainty due to COVID-19, God is giving us a window of opportunity to help people who are searching for hope. We encourage you to download The Exchange App where you can find a digital copy of The Exchange, making distance Bible study much easier. (Search exchange message in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.)

Please send us your stories to inspire others and share ideas to help people find hope in a relationship with Jesus!



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