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Salvation Testimonies


By August 6, 2020No Comments

Michele, MI

Can God use trying times to help people come to faith in Him? Absolutely! Many believers are finding ripe fruit for faith in crisis pregnancy counseling centers. This story from Michele in Michigan is one of many we’ve received that remind us that just as Jesus came to seek and save the lost, so we can go into unfamiliar and sometimes scary territory to seek the lost.

A client in a crisis pregnancy counseling center where Michele volunteers had just finished watching a child care video, and the director suggested that Michele ask her if she wanted to do a Bible study. Like me, you can probably identify with Michele’s feelings of doubt:

“I’ll ask, but I really don’t think she’s going to agree.”

And isn’t it just like God to dispel those thoughts? She readily agreed to study with Michele.

“To say I was shocked would be an understatement!

I chose The Exchange and we began the first study. As we read Scriptures and went through the lesson, my client freely admitted that she was a sinner. As we studied that as sinners we cannot have a relationship with a holy God, she said in an anxious voice, ‘Well then, nobody can go to heaven!’

I reassured her of God’s love and went through the gospel with her; after which she prayed in her own words, admitting that she was a sinner and asked Jesus to be her Savior.”

Michele was so excited to share this story with us, and she said just what we should all say when God brings triumph from a trial – “All glory to God!”  Like so many stories, this is an example of steps of faith.

  • First, to volunteer to help women in crisis.
  • Second, to see that the real need is for a relationship with Jesus.
  • Third, to ask that first question: “Can I share how you can find peace through a relationship with God?”

It is our desire that stories like this motivate believers to take that next step of faith in spreading the gospel to a needy world.

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