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Salvation Testimonies


By October 17, 2017August 9th, 2019No Comments

Ben & Lydia,
Folsom, CA

Enjoy reading the difference Ben & Lydia’s compassion and love made!

“I did not grow up in church but always knew something was missing. I always wondered, “Why am I who I am.” I had a pretty happy childhood though. I was married at 21. I thought I had a perfect marriage. We had a beautiful son together. We didn’t have much but we made the best out of it. I was happy. I was content. However, In March of 2016 my life started changing. My husband was distant and depressed. I did what I could to lift him up. In June of 2016 my life was turned upside down, I was blindsided. My husband of almost 13 years was cheating on me and was lying to me about drugs and alcohol. I was devastated. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I thought my life was over. I still went to work every day knowing that it could possibly take my mind of it, so I thought. One day my boss, Ben, came to my desk seeing that I was crying, He asked if I needed to talk. I said “yes please” while sobbing. I told him what happened and he said to me, “I’m going to talk to you not as your boss but as your friend. Do you have God in your life?” I said “Yes, I believe – but I haven’t had him in my life for a while now.” Ben asked if he could pray for me. As he prayed, I sobbed. I felt God’s presence. I wanted more. Ben brought a book to me the very next day, When trouble comes. After I read it, I felt like I needed to forgive my husband and his girlfriend with my whole heart and let go. I also stressed this to my son and he forgave his father and his girlfriend. Ben and his wife invited my son and me over for dinner discussing the book I had received. I wanted more. Lydia, Ben’s wife, asked if I wanted to do a Bible study with her. I agreed, with no hesitation, which is so unlike me. I’m usually not the type of person to meet with a stranger. We continued our studies in The Exchange. On October 10, 2016 I accepted God into my life as my Savior. I felt alive, I felt free. Each day I grow as a new believer searching wanting more of him, to love him with my whole heart.”

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