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Salvation Testimonies


By October 4, 2017August 9th, 2019No Comments

Last Tuesday when I finished explaining the grace portion of the outline, though I was supposed to stop before heading into the invitation, I plunged ahead. As I walked off the platform this thought went through my mind, “That was like going through the gospel with an unbeliever!” There was a reason for that thought!

Wednesday night Ludys & her husband, Ray came to me after the seminar. Ludys had not yet had a chance to share this awesome news with her husband, so I got to watch the beauty of Ray’s face as he heard that Tuesday night Ludys had trusted Christ for salvation. As she was watching the two-chair illustration she came under such conviction that she described it as torture. She went home that evening realizing that she was sitting in between the two chairs – trusting Jesus and her good works. I loved her words to me, “Now I’m all in!” Indeed, Ludys made that life-changing decision to trust Jesus alone for salvation!

Two years prior to this, Ludys brought Ray to revival meetings at First Baptist of Westwood Lake in Miami. Ray, a lawyer, was confident that he was ok just as he was. However, the message convicted him. He “took a knee”, humbled himself and put his faith in Christ. What a reminder of the power of the gospel both in Ray’s life and Ludys’. What a blessing to train at such a wonderful church – First Baptist of Westwood Lake in Miami, FL!

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