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Salvation Testimonies


By August 5, 2012August 12th, 2019No Comments

Have you noticed how God diverts OUR path to ensure we are on HIS? Leaving Bohol became a challenge for our team. The seas were too rough to travel, so we spent a night in Jagna. Sunday afternoon while shopping, one of our gregarious team members, Tyler, met a young man from Germany & introduced him to all of us. We enjoyed chatting and left him with a Gospel tract. Monday morning I was sitting in a cafe in Cagayan de Oro when I looked behind me to see our friend! I listened to his interesting stories of traveling since January in the Philippines, surfing, enjoying nature and people. Looking into his eyes I said, “You seem restless.” I listened as he expressed the truth of his restless spirit. I asked, “Are you looking for something?” His answer? “Yes.” I then shared with him what it was he was looking for – the Good News of Someone who would fill that empty place in the heart and calm that restless spirit. That evening his name went in my prayer journal. Clearly, God is pursuing a relationship with him. It seems God rerouted our travels to arrange this divine appointment. He intended to go to another island, but was misinformed and ended up “stuck” in CDO, waiting for calm seas to go to his original destination.Traveling over the sea with 15 foot swells was difficult for all of us. At times we wondered if our ferry would make it. But God brought us safely to this and many other divine appointments in Cagayan de Oro. May God give us eyes to see the Divine Appointments all around us.

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