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By August 8, 2012May 23rd, 20192 Comments

Art Blom, 68 years of age and from Grand Junction, has been an inspiration to all of us on E-Campaign. Art is aptly named. He’s an artist. As he draws he attracts a crowd, and then He gives them the Good News. In this picture, Art is drawing a Mango tree. He hands his Bible to a young student and asks him to find and read a verse. Then Art patiently explains, all the while he is drawing. At the end, he gives a Gospel invitation and young people are saved.

What talents has God given you and how does He want to use those talents to reach those around you with the Gospel? This thought is certainly worth pondering and worth asking God for divine ideas.

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  • Art Blom says:


    I just noticed the post of Augest 8, 2012 of me and the E-Campaign last summer. It brought back wonderful memories!
    How are you both doing, I pray about you often. You were truely a blessing to me and I enjoyed so much working with you.
    I will most likely join up with the Campaign again this summer if it’s what God wants and is OK with Mike, you, and others.

    It is comforting to trust in 1 Cor. 8:3

    • What sweet memories we have of working together with you at 2012 E-Camp. We look forward to going to battle together again in 2013. We would also love to have you and your wife join us for the Exchange Seminar at Harvest Baptist Church in Castle Rock, CO, January 12-17.

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