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Salvation Testimonies

Reaching Glendale with the Gospel

By September 10, 2012August 9th, 2019No Comments

The people at Northwest Valley Baptist Church in Glendale, Arizona are truly being mobilized to reach their community with the Gospel. Twenty-one believers are currently doing a The Exchange soulwinning Bible study or Living the Exchange discipleship Bible study. Thirty-nine believers at Northwest Valley are actively looking for a soulwinning Bible study. Nine have trusted Christ since the Exchange Seminar. Here’s a sweet story for you:

Louise Metzger met an 8th grade girl at the public library, and after lesson one of The Exchange, she accepted Christ. Louise was her 2nd grade school teacher. Louise also did the Bible study with the mother of one of the young people who attended VBS. These are every day life contacts – a student from the past, a friend she met at VBS. Praise the Lord for those believers who choose to live Great Commission lives.

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